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Zehnder ZIP

Zehnder ZIP radiant ceiling panels have multiple design possibilities thanks to their modular construction making them ideal for every industrial installation situation. Above all, the much lower weight not only makes installation easier, but also makes the panel the number one choice for roof construction that are only able to support lighter loads. All components are corrossion resistant, which also makes them the ideal choice for use in damp rooms.

  • Suitable for heating and cooling
  • Standard operating pressure: 5 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature: 95°C
  • Maximum single module width: 320mm
  • Maximum single module length: 6000mm
  • Maximum heating output 581 M/W² @ ΔT50
  • Maximum cooling output 110 M/W² @ ΔT8.5
  • Tested to EN14037 and EN14240

Product Downloads

Click here for BIM component - double panel

Click here for BIM component - single panel

Click here for BIM component - triple panel